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From beginner to artist: Matilda's story

Since attending the producergirls production workshop at Radar Radio last June, I thrust myself into new terrain and claimed the label “artist”.

The beginning of the workshop was spent meeting-and-greeting other attendees, sharing stories of our endeavours as musicians, producers or DJs. Everyone’s experiences resonated with my own: young women sick of compromising, relying on others, feeling unqualified or intimidated by technology or – tbh – men. Within the first thirty minutes it became clear that lack of skill, determination or even talent was not the issue that would bar our pathway to creativity or success.

The hurdle is confidence.

Emma is no stranger to this fact. After introducing the workshop and our plan for the day, Emma offered up her own story of how she started to make music as a budding-producer. The keyword here is support: the production workshop was not just about sharing knowledge, skills and technique but also experience; experience that supports validates and inspires the artistic process. A few weeks later on the fb group Emma shared her first ever FL tune with us; it was two minutes long and a classic bedroom-beat, but one that nonetheless testifies to the audacious fetal stages of Victorian Grime.

Ikonika, Dexplicit and P Jam enhanced the support network. The workshop focused on four key areas, providing a basic introduction the the fundamentals of music production: drums, melody, sequencing/layout and mixing. Questions were asked and answered free-flow and, while Ikonika, Dexplicit, E.M.M.A. and P Jam are successful high-flying music producers, no one put on any airs and graces.

After the workshop Emma dashed off to relieve Aimee Cliff of the final hour of their Radar show, Angel Food. Me and some of the girls managed to catch them broadcasting from a shopfloor in the depths of Old St station. At the end of the show she played a debut track from workshop attendee Giuila - the tune she produced that same day inside the workshop.

That night I had plans to meet some old school friends for a drink in Finsbury Park. These plans got swiftly cancelled cause “all I wanna do is go home and make beats”. Friends mock me to this day, but I know they understand. A month later I play my first ever set at a birthday party in Brighton and two friends describe a “warm, fuzzy sensation” they experience upon watching me perform. Moments later they agree that it is “.. yeah, pride”.

Matilda Jones/Teplice is currently at Shoreditch Radio, hosting the Thursday morning mixtape.


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