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Producergirls podcast: E.M.M.A. meets Alluxe

As part of the producergirls project, I wanted to speak with other women in the music industry who have inspired me. Any producer will tell you that not one path is the same. I started producing for fun at around 19 and didn’t think I could pursue it as a serious option for a few years - which is part of the reason my producer name is “E.M.M.A.” (my real name, not exactly imaginative) and it stuck. With my first release in 2012, the journey since then has felt unpredictable, with no guarantees but also unexpected opportunities.

So when I was introduced to L.A. based Laura aka Alluxe, one of the first things I was told was of her work as a pioneering Ableton controllerist (CEO of her own company Electronic Creatives), responsible for translating Kanye and Drake’s records to world tours - and loads more artists) She is also a dope producer in her own right and a classical violinist. My first thought was “How on earth do you end up doing all that? I wanna meet this genius!”

Laura Alluxe

Through our conversation, the answer became clear: work your ass off, build your own empire, be brave, learn your craft and most importantly, find your own voice and give yourself the space to be unique.

Follow the soundcloud link below to stream and download the interview.

Alluxe’s EP “Contrast” is out now

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