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Scottish hip hop pioneer LOTOS returns with 'Home' to take the game

For those who know, hip hop pioneer LOTOS has been making power moves for a while. Born and raised in Scotland to Nigerian parents, she's toured with the likes of Nas, Damien Marley & Skepta and was the first unsigned Scottish artist to be recognised by MOBO with her debut album.

Her latest project 'Home' is inspired by civil rights leader Marcus Garvey and his famous words 'a people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.'

Combining her killer bars with dreamy production by Scotland's Show N Prove, LOTOS's 'Home' has anthem status.


Keep reading to find out more...

PG: LOTOS! We love your new single. It feels very important for our times. Tell us a bit about the creative process.. what was your inspiration?

L: I am inspired by a quote that Marcus Garvey said 'A people without the knowledge of their past history and culture is like a tree without roots'. Home is an analogy for the current climate of rampant cultural appropriation and an ever increasing atmosphere of what I call the copycat, where people feel that success is about imitation and intellectual property theft both in the industry and in the wider world. Home is about never denying where you are from, how where you are from should be central to your core, and of course that charity begins at home.

PG: What keeps you motivated as an artist?

L: What keeps me motivated is the way that cultural appropriation and stereotypes about African Diaspora have become the norm. I have always felt as a black woman it was important for me to represent and provide a competing ideology that you can be just you, you don't have to be a caricature. It's amazing when new artists write to me and tell me how they feel they can be themselves because of the path I have opened here in the UK.

PG: The beat sounds super dreamy. How do you collaborate with producers - what do you look for? Do you produce yourself?

L: At the moment I have only been working with producers from where I was born. Show and Prove is one of the best producers in the UK and happens to be from Scotland too. Going forward I would like to collaborate and work with more female producers as the industry desperately needs many many more. I can produce but I believe in the power of a team so I do love finding great people to make magic with.

PG: What is your biggest hope that you would like to see achieved in 2020?

L: I would like to pave the way for originality within hip hop, and prove you can make it as a woman through talent alone.

LOTOS - Home is out now on all major platforms. For more information, visit Follow LOTOS on Instagram here

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